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Time to turbo-charge your investments!

Our obsession with the rise and fall of the FTSE 100 index ignores the awesome power of income.

Reinvesting the income paid out by a share to buy more shares or units in a fund can turbo-charge your investment. Those who reinvested income in the Invesco Perpetual Income fund have seen a 133% total return in ten years from August 31st, 2001, as opposed to 56% growth for those who did not.

Whilst capital can go up and down in an investment fund, the income is generally fairly stable and, with some funds like the Newton Higher Income fund, can be as high as a whopping 8%. If you have money invested in a Building Society, on the other hand, capital is stable but the income can be unreliable and, over the last few years, fairly pathetic. 

To read this week's Money Mail article on how income can make your money power ahead, please click on the link below:-

Time to turbo-charge your investments!.pdf

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