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Get rich paying off the mortgage!

Overpaying on your mortgage can save you tens of thousands of pounds in interest payments over the lifetime of a mortgage.

For those borrowers who have an interest only mortgage, this is an ideal way of ensuring that when you sell your property your equity will have increased considerably, in addition to having paid less interest.

Flexible offset mortgages also help in this respect as, not only can you pay off lump sums without any penalty, but any money in your current or savings accounts will be offset against your borrowings and will therefore reduce your interest payments.

These mortgages are ideal for the self-employed, as they have the flexibility to pay in or draw down money, at any time, for whatever purpose. This enables business owners to smooth out the peaks and troughs in business income, without having to go to their bank manager for a business loan (which is very often refused).

To see how much you could save by overpaying on your mortgage, please click on the link below.

Get rich paying off the mortgage!.pdf

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