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Hannah Hewins - Reading

This is an edited version of an email sent from Hannah to a friend, recommending our services.

Hi Tamara,

We have used this independent advisor for years.

I know she's good and has our interests at heart, because sometimes she has advised us to stay with our existing lender as the rates were better, even though she will be foregoing commission on a new mortgage.

She is efficient, thorough and is after providing a good service to her clients as opposed to what is best for her.

She's happy to explain how she earns her fees and has driven 4 hours to us in the past, to help us apply for a mortgage that wasn't on her 'list' to make sure we said the right things, and signed in the right places (she'd filled in the paperwork).

I have recommended her to another self-employed herbalist friend of mine who she was able to help, by working out what she could raise towards a mortgage and which companies were the best to look at.

In summary, I'll stop raving about her now and give you her details, but I can't recommend her highly enough;

Jacky Matthews: 07967 649804, 023 8036 7242,

I've copied in Jacky so she knows to expect a call/email.

Good luck!


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